A range of different yoga practices, something for everyone


Bunker members have access to a range of different types of yoga classes to help you reset, relax and reconnect your mind and body. Perfect as an active recovery session. Our yoga classes are hosted in our off-site MindBody studio, a private and serene space that represents escapism in its finest form.

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Yoga Foundations
Yoga Foundations guides you through movements designed to strengthen and nurture your body. With a focus on alignment and technique, this class will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your practice.
Yoga Calm
A gentle eclectic style of Hatha yoga promoting balance and harmony physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga postures (asanas) and breath work (pranayama) are integrated to stretch, strengthen, open and release the entire body.
Yoga Flow & Strong
These two yoga classes are stronger yoga styles. Yoga Flow is traditional Vinyasa Flow Yoga, a strong and dynamic style that tones and energises. While Yoga Strong is designed to build power while increasing the range of movement through your upper body, core and both posterior and anterior chains.

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A conditioning class like no other, designed to challenge our fittest, most experienced members.

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A progressive journey to find your fierce. HIIT training using boxing techniques and focus pads.

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It’s Arm’ageddon. A series of high volume bicep, tricep & shoulder hypertrophy exercises.

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Discover the benefits of gymnastics for strengthening the major muscle groups. For all levels.

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