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Jackie Nairn

About Jackie

As a CrossFit and Australian Weightlifting Federation Level 1 coach, and a former competitor in CrossFit, swimming and netball, Jackie has dedicated her time to understanding what it takes to perform at your best. Her sessions and classes are no walk in the park; using her extensive knowledge of all three sports and their respective exercise functionality, you can expect a variety of challenging and exciting routines each time you step into the gym.


In her spare time, Jackie puts in the time and effort into both furthering her education and advancing her own training in order to pass her skills onto her clients so they can achieve their best results, too. You can spot this bundle of energy wearing her bright yellow Nobull sneakers on the gym floor and hear her laugh from every corner of the gym.


Olympic Weightlifting


Strength & Conditioning

Sports-specific training to CrossFit, Swimming & Netball


Cert III & IV in Fitness

CrossFit Level 1

Australian Weightlifting Federation Level 1

Athletic background with national-level CrossFit and swimming, and State level netball

BA Law & BA Arts (History)

Training philosophy

My philosophy of training is to always have fun and to do something that you want to do. People should try not to subscribe to the idea that exercise is something that needs to be about punishing yourself for the food you eat, or for the body that is in fashion; it should always be something you enjoy doing. My philosophy for women in particular is “strength is beautiful”; you can train like a beast and be a beauty. I want to empower women to lift weights. I want them to experience what it feels like when their bodies and mental strength are put to the test while lifting weights over a period of time. It is amazing what the female body can endure and do. Women supporting women in the fitness industry is so empowering.

Fun facts

  1. I’m a corporate lawyer. I practiced for three years in a corporate firm in Sydney, until I decided to go full-time in the fitness industry in 2021.
  1. I’m a big lover of dogs – all puppies and doggos are loved by me! I’m obsessed with Corgis, but would also love a Golden Retriever and a Border Collie.
  1. I love music. I’ve played the piano for eight years (although don’t ask for a tune. I rarely play in front of people!) and have learnt how to play the violin and the guitar.

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Google reviews

Jack Jack Jackieeee… As someone who has always been too scared, shy and self-conscious to join a gym such as The Bunker, I can honestly say Jackie has made me feel at ease and comfortable walking into my training sessions. Each time I go, I feel more and more confident. Jackie’s patient with me and knows her stuff; she is willing and happy to show me for the 100th time how to do a skull crusher! However, don’t think you’ll get an easy session! She will push you hard so you can achieve your goals! Jackie is THE perfect trainer for me as I need motivation and I get distracted easily – she brings me back to the room to ‘focus’. I love the fact that Jackie knows what training style to use for me, so although it is hard and she pushes me to my max, she does it with a few jokes and a smile to get me through!


I joined The Bunker gym with not a lot of experience or knowledge in lifting weights, and with a goal of getting stronger and improving my technique. Since I began training with Jackie, I have seen huge improvement in my overall strength, form and confidence. She has given me the encouragement I needed to undertake some more complex lifts, something that I otherwise would never have had the confidence to do. Jackie is the most welcoming, bubbly person who instantly made me feel like part of the family. But behind the smile, banter and AWFUL jokes, Jackie delivers some gruelling workouts which challenge me both mentally and physically every time. Although she pushes me to my absolute limit, I always leave the gym feeling stronger and always look forward to my next session. Jackie puts a lot of effort into programming workouts which push me to progress and achieve my goals. She is always supportive and is there to celebrate any new PB like it’s her own. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done and continues to do for me. You are da best Jackie!


During lockdown, Jackie and our workouts were practically my therapy. I’m a complete and utter beginner when it comes to fitness and Jackie has always respected that and worked this into my sessions. Her professional and steady routines encourage me to meet my goals, while not making me feel pressured or disheartened. I always feel so energised and pumped after a session, both mentally and physically. Before signing up I would never have entered a gym!


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