The goal is not to be better than the other man/woman, but to be better than your previous self.

The Dalai Lama

Jasmin Rainbow

This trainer’s specialty is body transformations. But for Jas it’s the journey you’ll go on, rather than the end result, that she loves being part of.

About Jasmin

Through experiencing the significant difference fitness has made to her physical and mental health, Jasmin is passionate about improving the lives of other women through the gym. Her expertise is in body transformations, helping her clients look and feel their absolute best.


But for her it’s the journey rather than the end result that gives her the most satisfaction and pride in being a Personal Trainer. She just loves seeing her clients become stronger and more confident in the gym. You are sure to feel supported and learn a lot when training with Jas.


Body Transformations

Strength Training

Mindset Coaching

Nutrition Coaching


Cert III & IV in Fitness

Training philosophy

My philosophy is that fitness is a journey. You set out with a goal in mind of how you want to look. However, it’s really in the process of achieving that goal that you start to become your best self. There are always going to be days that you’re not motivated, but each time you turn up on those days, you’re strengthening more than just your physical muscles, you’re strengthening your mindset.


Then on the days you do notice improvements, you feel so proud knowing that it was your dedication that did that. The confidence you get from working on you, for you, is unmatched!

Fun facts

  1. I used to be a bikini model for Playboy and Maxim.
  1. I am quite spiritual, I love meditation and learning about the power of the mind.
  1. I love rap music and when I’m drinking I make all my friends freestyle rap battle me.

Sounds of Jasmin

Just Like Magic

Ariana Grande


Destiny’s Child



No Love

Eminem & Lil Wayne



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Google reviews

Jasmin is amazing! Best PT ever, very involved with your progress even when you are not inside the gym. She always takes time to check up on you and always tries to push you harder in every session. Couldn’t recommend her enough, I’ve seen sooo much positive change in my body.

Ada M

I thought that after having baby number two I could just bounce back, as there is a 7-year gap between my boys… Um, hell no! It did not go as I imagined at all, I gained 21kg! It was hard to just accept this. I became mentally hard on myself, hating what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I never left the house, and never saw myself feeling better. I did try some online training programs, but I got nowhere after 2 to 3 months. I eventually realised I couldn’t make any effective change if I did not put in the work. Training with Jas changed my whole life. My mindset, my dedication, my outlook. We worked together closely to set small goals. In a little over 8 weeks, I lost over 8kg!

Karla. R

Jasmin is such a friendly, well-educated and motivating trainer! She always explains every exercise move thoroughly so you can ensure you’re actually targeting the muscles you want to strengthen and also prevent injury. Her positive attitude and her drive to see her clients succeed make her such an amazing trainer. You can tell she cares. You will always feel supported in the presence of Jasmin. 11/10 would recommend.

Aneesha D

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