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Ryan Forsyth

Ryan provides a professional and friendly service specialising in physique development and strength training.

About Ryan

With a background in competitive sport and competing in numerous natural bodybuilding competitions, Ryan is experienced in prescribing effective nutrition and training programs that deliver results. Ryan uses evidence backed scientific approaches that get results quickly.


As well as his passion for fitness, Ryan has a passion for the great outdoors. So if he’s not at the gym you can be sure he’s out exploring.


Strength & Boxing


Level 1, 2 & 3 in Personal Training (UK)

UKBFF Mens Physique Midlands Champion 2017

UKBFF Mens Physique British Finalist 2017

Training philosophy

I specialise in improving body composition through a combination of effective and well researched techniques. If you are looking to build muscle, lose fat and feel fantastic, I would love to coach you.

Fun facts

  1. I love to travel and experience different cultures
  1. I have competed in multiple body building competitions in the UK and Australia
  1. I’m a bit of a thrill seeker and will happily jump out of a plane or swim with a shark for a buzz

Sounds of Ryan

At night
Shake down (purple disco remix)


David Morales (Riva star remix)

Strings of life
Soul central (Danny Krivit re edit)

Gypsy Women

Crystal waters

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Google reviews
I started working with Ryan in January of this year to improve strength and technique. Since then I’ve improved throughout all of my major lifts, and gained a large knowledge base around exercise selection, programming, and anatomy. Ryan has been helpful and attentive in training, bringing new ideas to the table, and helping speed progression forward. I would definitely recommend others to use Ryan as their trainer in future
I’ve been working with Ryan since February 2019 because I wanted to strengthen my upper body and overall improve my fitness levels. As we have trained I’ve learned so much from him about fitness. After every session I feel more confident in my form, body, technique, and fitness ability. I look forward to continuing to work with Ryan to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer who’s caring about his clients reflect in his personalized training techniques
I have been working with Ryan since January 2019 when I first joined the gym with the goal to build muscle and lose fat. Ryan has been great to work with and he is extremely professional and polite. I have learnt a lot since working with Ryan and I have already achieved results that I did not expect. I’m looking forward to continually working with Ryan and I would highly recommend Ryan’s services to everyone

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