The master has failed more than the beginner has even tried.

Tom Halsey

Tom is The Bunker Gym’s Education Coordinator, PT mentor, movement maestro and resident climbing geek.

About Tom

Tom’s passion for skillful movement has led him to develop simple programmes that give clients what is needed to learn the skills they have always wanted to unlock. If handstands, pull ups, muscle ups or pistol squats are your jam, then Tom is your man.


His sessions are focused and tough, and his demonstrations will make everything look easier than it is. But if you can get past all of that – and his endless chat about climbing or motorcycles – then you will get everything you need to show off to your mates on Instagram!


Gymnastics & Strength


BA Hons Sports Management

11+ years as a Personal Trainer

Cert 3 & 4 Fitness Australia

Body Type Nutrition – Practical Advanced Nutrition

Phil Learney – Advanced Performance and Nutrition

Phil Learney – Advanced Nutrition for Fat Loss

First Aid + CPR qualified

Ran my own PT studio in Central London for 7 years before moving to Sydney

Current Fitness Playground & Bunker gym PT mentors

Coordinates the education calendar for The Bunker’s team of Coaches

Training philosophy

My coaching revolves around a passion and talent for observing movement and spotting the weakest links, stripping back what is needed to the fundamental essentials and building a system for success from there. Every human is different and it has taken me a decade of personal development to be able to identify what is necessary for each individual. Whether it’s your strength, mobility, coordination or overall technique that needs work, I will give you the system needed to progress towards your goal. My ambition is to not only be a world-class trainer – teaching people how to move better and learn impressive new skills – but also to inspire and develop other coaches who want to achieve the highest standards in the industry.

Fun facts

  1. I spend at least 20 minutes upside down every day
  1. I have a giant ginger beard
  1. Every Sunday I walk 45 minutes just to get ice cream!

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Sounds of Tom

Led Zep
Black Dog
Bruno Mars


Notorious Big

Get Down

I’m Shakin

Jack white

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Google reviews
For a whole host of reasons I had developed bad habits which included failing to take good care of my physical health. Stepping back into the gym after a long layoff was quite a daunting process. My first experience joining The Bunker wasn’t great. I was allocated a trainer that didn’t appear invested in me and the results that I wanted to achieve. It began to feel like a chore. But over the last few months I have been paired with Tom and it has been a godsend for me. He took the time to understand what I wanted, what I liked and disliked about gym and designed a program that is enjoyable and has enabled me to recreate the habit. I now do a PT session with Tom 2-3 times a week and his flexibility, interest and care has greatly assisted in changing my attitude towards fitness and caring again about my physical appearance
In the short time I’ve been working with Tom I have seen so much difference in not only my fitness but my confidence and attitude. Tom dedicates time to ensure that I am performing the exercises accurately, learning the correct techniques and even helps me get through the mental barriers I often experience when exercising. Tom has a great understanding of health and well-being as a whole, and offers advice in these areas, knowing exercise is only one part of being fit and healthy! I am seeing really great results – have built a lot of strength, and cannot believe how much my posture has improved (this has been something I’ve struggled with my whole life). I’m now feeling confident to go to the gym alone and do exercises I wouldn’t have dreamed of before.
I started training with Tom as my second PT at The Bunker, and my experience has greatly improved since training with Tom. His attention to detail on form and regular tracking of all activities is both empowering but also energising as it’s great to see the ongoing changes in my capabilities and fitness based on his programs. Tom never hesitates to go above and beyond just his PT slot, giving advice to me on diet, other exercise and meal prep/cooking. He’s truly a coaching partner, not just my 40 mins a week of PT.

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