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The Bunker Personal Trainers are the cream of the crop. We’ve got trainers who are exercise scientists and champion boxers and bodybuilders, and they receive continuous development to better their skills every day. They care about your results. No matter your goals, there’s a trainer with a specialty to suit you.

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Joey Bowling

Strength & Boxing

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Jasmeen Hudson

Boxing & Wellness

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Luke Edmunds

Strength, Nutrition & Rehab

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Angela Aho

Fight & Strength

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Tom Bellak

Hypertrophy & Strength

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Jennia Klimenkova

Strength & Conditioning

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Matt Gardner

Strength & Sports

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Jackie Nairn

Weightlifting & Powerlifting

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Tom Halsey

Gymnastics & Strength

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Ryan Forsyth

Physique Development

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James Stillone

Muscular Endurance

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Alessandro Sciamanna

Fat Loss & Conditioning

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Ken Karikas

Weight Training

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Harrison Lee

Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

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Physio & Rehabilitation

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Body Transformations

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Our trainers change lives

Google reviews
I’ve been training at Fitness Playground and the Bunker for over 18 months now. Apart from strength training, I’ve loved working on improving callisthenics skills with my trainer Dave Marsh. It’s really helped with mobility, movement and strength, and overall well being. What I love most about the Bunker is the sense of community. All of the trainers help create a supportive and friendly environment that makes going every day an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Thank you for helping me become a better, and stronger me.
Member since 2018
This gym has changed my life this year. Joined straight after the first lockdown and attended the group classes regularly. The variety of workouts provided has been better than any gym I've attended in the past and I've noticed much greater results than I've seen after years and years of gym training. The culture in the gym is fun and it's like working out with mates, music is always pumping and the trainers are great fun also.
Member since 2020
The absolute best gym in Sydney. I'm currently living in Dubai but the second I return, I will 100% rejoin the Bunker. The staff there were so insanely nice, it really helped Sydney feel like home (I'm Canadian). They created such an awesome community vibe, not only in but outside of the gym too. Their classes were incredible, and their support around the gym was greatly appreciated as well. I miss you guys so much!
Member since 2020
I have been training here for a year after trying 3 other gyms in the area and this was the first that made me feel comfortable and not intimidated. You guys have the BEST trainers working there, every time I am in they are saying hi always with a smile. Keep up the amazing work guys!
Member since 2019
tried this gym for the first time today and I am so impressed!!! The staff are so lovely and helpful and the gym is amazing!! There is a large variety of machines and weights and the gym is organised very clearly and is super clean. The other members are so welcoming and friendly too! Such a great place to train!
Member since 2019
Brilliant people and outstanding gym. Trainers really know their stuff. People and the entire Bunker crew are awesome. I love the classes and everyone is supportive of each other. Highly recommended.
Member since 2019

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