The mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation.

Luke is The Bunker’s accredited Sports & Exercise scientist, and he puts his years of education, experience and knowledge to use with his clients.

What you can expect from Luke’s training style and methods are creativity and attention to detail. Luke always makes sure he takes the time to have an advanced and deep understanding of what each individual needs to achieve their goals rapidly, and takes them there through challenging, creative, safe and also strangely enjoyable workouts.

As a bonus, get to know him well enough and in no time he’ll be enthusiastically sharing with you his tips for creating the perfect lighting, angles and poses.

- Accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist
- ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES)
- 8+ years experience in the fitness industry
- Bachelor in Applied Science (Sport & Exercise Science), University of Sydney
- Masters in Physiotherapy (2021 and 2022)
- Certificate III in Gym Instructor
- Certificate IV in Personal Training
- Trainer for the AFL (NEAFL Division)
- PT for athletes in the AFL, NSWRU and combat sports

I use my education and knowledge of biomechanics, muscle anatomy, rehabilitation and nutrition to create challenging yet enjoyable evidence-based workouts. These deliver rapid body composition results and manage the reintegration of injured clients into traditional fitness methods (all whilst talking to you in between sets about food, Netflix and the origin of the universe).

1. My tattoo on my left thigh is the symbol for mindfulness, a mental state focused on being aware of the present moment. It’s a practice that makes a positive difference to my life
2. My mum is Asian and my dad is Caucasian (can you guess my background?). I’m fluent in both languages
3. If you aren’t seeing me in the gym, you’ll probably catch me outside soaking in some nature or feet on the couch playing video games (everything in moderation including moderation)

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“Having worked in the fitness industry for 17 years, it is rare that you come across a coach like Luke. I’m approaching 40, with kids and major responsibilities. I have a busy work schedule, a highly demanding career and many events to attend. Many young trainers will tell you to sleep more, prepare 5x meals a day, work less and train more. For me (and many others) that isn’t always realistic. Instead, Luke works with the demands of my lifestyle, rather than against them. As a result, I am training less and eating more, while being in the best shape of my life. The “kid” is a magician. I highly recommend Luke.”


“As I have trained with many knowledgeable and successful trainers in the past, as well as having a complex injury I needed to manage when returning to training on top of a busy, ever changing work schedule, I needed a trainer who both understood high level anatomy and programming, as well as one who could keep me motivated and accountable during even the busiest of working weeks. I’m happy to say I have found that in Luke, who has successfully helped me drop weight while building muscle, and keep me returning to the gym consistently injury free no matter how crazy my schedule.”


“Already having a background in sports and rehabilitation, I still learnt so much from Luke’s sessions. He really focused on technique and training specifically for your needs. I noticed improvements straight away in my posture and performance because of his programs. He kept it interesting and fun but always a challenge, would definitely recommend Luke!”