If you hate hard work, sweat and a little pain, you’ll need to find someone else.

Angela Aho

Angela is a high level, competitive Muay Thai Fighter and Athlete, having competed in the K1 Circuit in Europe.

About Angela

She has carried on the dedication, culture and professionalism that any athlete needs to be successful in her career as a coach. She has chosen The Bunker Gym to apply her passion which is solely to see her clients reach their goals.


She has an evidence-based philosophy of health and fitness with a little bit of fighters mentality.


Fight & Strength


Certificate III in Fitness

Certificate IV in Fitness

Certified Boxing Trainer

Training philosophy

I am a Muay Thai Coach & Practitioner having competed at an elite level in Europe. I incorporate the discipline and dedication I learnt as an athlete in all my training sessions with clients. I specialise in strength training and high-intensity conditioning for fitness & fat loss. My real passion however is, and always has been, to help people find the love, drive and fire for exercise that I have.

Fun facts

  1. I have fought Muay Thai & K1 Championships in Italy, Lithuania & Estonia – coming out with 2 Golds and 1 Silver
  1. Whatever I have trained, I have competed in (Show Dancing, Swimming & Muay Thai)
  1. I always look for the positive in everything and everyone

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Sounds of Angela

The World you see
Cristoph, Franky Wah, Artche
ChamelPhat, Ali Love

Can’t be touched

Roy Jones Jr, MR Magic, Trouble

Say it right
Nelly Furtado

I don’t think I can’t stay


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Google reviews
I’ve been training with Angela for just over a month now, and within that time I’ve learnt so much! She takes the time to break down each exercise. Educating me on what muscle group it works on and explaining the correct form, not because she has to but because she’s genuinely invested in me and my fitness journey. Angela has also introduced boxing to me, not only have I noticed physical differences after these sessions but I have also noticed mentally I have been feeling amazing! I’m thinking more clearly and feeling energised. Thanks so much Angela and look forward to our next session!
Stop wasting potential gains and get on the PT bandwagon. If there was ever a trainer who makes sure her clients perform each exercise correctly as to maximise results, it’s definitely Angela! Angela is very knowledgeable in what she does and has a great ability to tune into my needs and help me reach my goals in a safe, steady and doable manner. She’s constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone, dealing with my quirks, helping me get it right and undoing years of bad habits. I must admit that for someone who has never done a lower body workout in his life until 2 months ago, Angela has given me a new lease on my legs! It’s been very rewarding training out with Angela so far and I’m very much looking forward to the gains in the next few months.
I’ve been training with Angela almost 3 months now and learning boxing with her as well.She is a lovely trainer and motivates me to achieve my goals. I love every session with her as she makes it fun and challenging at the same time. I would highly recommend anyone to train at The Bunker as the vibe is super cool and the trainers are friendly & helpful. If you want to be a fighter like Angela definitely go hit her up. The best part of all this is she really cares about her clients and I love talking with her about life as a friend.

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