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Connaugh Pearce

Connaugh Pearce, The Bunker’s Resident Nutrition & Strength Guru, Athletic Development Coach, Mr. Worldwide.

About Connaugh

Education, passion, confidence, resilience, and of course, a love for lifting weights are qualities you’ll expect to gain with Connaugh as your coach. With six years of learning in some of the world’s leading institutions for nutrition and physiology, Connaugh took his learnings to hands-on experience in Formula 1 and 2, English Semi-Professional Football, Rugby, and Ultra-Marathon and Ironman athletes.


Connaugh’s coaching approach is refreshing and enjoyable, focusing on helping you build a robust and powerful foundation. He empowers you to lead a lifestyle free from dietary restrictions while boosting your confidence and helping you achieve personal bests.


Connaugh Pearce – ‘Let’s turn Lambs into Lions’


Performance & Dietary/Lifestyle Nutrition


Strength & Return from Injury

Periodised Programming

Ironman/Tri, Swimming (Open & Pool), Rugby, Football, Powerlifting, BJJ, Tennis.


BSc Applied Sport & Exercise Science (Hons)

MSc Clinical & Performance Nutrition (Distinction) @ Loughborough University

ISAK Level 1 Anthropometry

UKSCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach

Cert III & IV Personal Trainer

Nottingham Forest S&C Coach

F1&2 Performance Nutritionist

Training philosophy

Success in your fitness journey is a skill to be learned. Nobody’s going to do it for you. It takes hard work, resilience, and the will to learn more about yourself, your body, your drive, and the skills your coach will guide and educate you through. Find an area of fitness you actually enjoy, make it your new and continued obsession and keep chasing ‘you’ in five years’ time.

Fun facts

  1. When I was 16, I set myself a target to travel to 100 countries before I turned 30. I’m 29, and I touch down in my 94th country in October 2023.
  1. I’ve been a bartender & mixologist on and off for 7 years and served drinks in 23 countries.
  1. I’ve wanted to be James Bond ever since I watched my first film when I was 4. I even tried applying to the British Secret Service when I was 16.

Sounds of Connaugh

Stay too long
Plan B
Radar Love
Golden Earring
You shook me all night long
Take a look around
Limp Bizkit

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Google reviews
I've been working with Connaugh for two years now, and he's been the best coach I've had. He helped me through a sports injury, which was a big hurdle for me mentally and physically. Connaugh understood my injury; it was like he lifted the load from me and took it upon himself. He always reassured me and helped me build stability and strength. He works hard to ensure your needs are heard and met. I've watched him coach others too; he's diligent with his approach and treats all his clients with respect. Connaugh is not just a PT. He's a coach and a teacher, and he will help you every step of the way. He will never leave you unable to do something and will build your confidence to the point you can train by yourself. No question is too dumb. I can't thank Connaugh enough for helping me turn my gym life around. He’s a true inspiration.
Ruth Bushnell

Working with Connaugh is f****** awesome! I’ve been training with his online program for the past three months, and it’s so much more personalised than anything I’ve seen. The weekly programmed sessions are tailored to your strengths, weaknesses and preferences. James takes the time and effort to determine your goals and how he can improve your performance.

The weekly video check-ins and support make it feel like more than just ‘personal training’. James provides feedback on your progression and updates your programme if required. He also guides you on technique, provides an abundance of exercises and levels of progression alongside nutrition, supplements and whatever you want advice on!

As someone completely new to the gym environment, Connaugh has given me the confidence not to need that one-on-one gym interaction and ‘safety net’ to push myself and “get s*** done”, as he loves to say! I couldn’t recommend Connaugh highly enough, and in addition to all of this, you will have a great laugh along the way!!!

James Deanus

Training with Connaugh is fun and challenging in equal measure. Sessions were always goal-focused and built on core exercises, liberally sprinkled with interesting new challenges. And all flavoured with Connaugh's patented banter, a grand mix of weight-lifting science, travel tips and food talk. I'd recommend Connaugh to anyone after a great coach, a travel agent or a laugh.

Nick Staren

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