It’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

Joey Bowling

Joey Bowling, The Bunker’s Group Fitness Manager, Fight Series Head Coach, Bunker OG, and our very own Mr. Motivator.

About Joey

Through his knowledge and experience of combat and conditioning in Boxing, Muay Thai, Football (Soccer), and American Football, he creates challenging yet competitive workouts in both group and individual sessions. This is accompanied by his passion for fitness and the ability to get the best performances out of people from all backgrounds. Whether you want to lace up some gloves and go a few rounds or load up the bar and lift a few pounds, Joey can cover all bases while putting smiles on your faces.


Beware, he may be smiling but that doesn’t mean he’ll go easy on you, some may say it’s the smile of a sadist.


  Strength Development & Physical Conditioning

  Boxing/Muay Thai Technique & Fitness

  Mental Strength, Building Confidence & Loving Relationship with Fitness


  BA Hons Sports Management

  Cert III & IV in Fitness

  Certified Sports Coach

  Experienced & Certified Muay Thai/Boxing Trainer

  Athletic background with University level experience playing football, basketball & American football

  Amateur Muay Thai/Boxing Competitive background

Training philosophy

My philosophy is that fitness should be fun, no matter how strenuous. You’re more likely to sustain a fitness regime if it’s enjoyable. That’s not to say you’re going to spend each workout in constant laughter (although that’s most likely when you train with me), but that is to say that no matter how hard a workout may seem, the pleasure of success always surpasses the pain of failure.

Fun facts

  1. I’m always smiling… ALWAYS!
  1. My energy & enthusiasm is contagious.
  1. I’m prone to bust a few dance moves… even mid-workout!

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Google reviews
Where do I begin? From the minute I walked into The Bunker gym, Joey immediately made me feel like part of the Bunker family. His warmth and smile are infectious but don’t let that fool you. Behind that smile is a guy who enjoys pushing you physically and mentally to help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s a one on one boxing session or a group Athletica class, Joey always finds that sweet spot between challenging and fun! I’ve seen a massive improvement in my all-round fitness and boxing skills since I started training with Joey and that’s due to the high standards he sets for myself and those he trains. Great trainer. Great guy. Great friend."
For someone who has swiped their way through different gyms and trainers like Tinder, I think I’ve finally found my match! Joey is without a doubt the best trainer I have ever worked with. He is motivating, encouraging, and makes me feel incredibly comfortable as I work my way through different training styles and build my strength. And let’s not forget to mention just how fun he is! I don’t think I’ve had one session where I haven’t laughed – even on Monday mornings after death by the assault bike! Gyms can be a daunting experience for females, and heavy weights are something I would never consider going near. But Joey has guided and supported me in a way that I now feel comfortable to hold my own in amongst the big boys! Joey is also a great friend with a listening ear and I genuinely couldn’t recommend him anymore! I have loved training alongside him for the last 7 months and I look forward to many more!”
The decision to sign up to The Bunker membership and do PT with Joey was one of my best decisions. I was too unmotivated and too shy to go to the gym, especially when it came to boxing. Now it has become a part of my weekly routine and I am getting consistent with training. Joey helped me to gain strength and confidence and learn new skills. Also, I’ve got more knowledge now on how to do exercises properly without hurting myself but actually seeing the results. Training is hard but fun! Also big thanks for making me finally remember where is left and right, haha. I definitely recommend Bunker gym and Joey to anyone looking for great quality personal training.”

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