A tree that cannot bend will crack in the wind

Lao Tzu

Harrison Lee

About Harrison

Harrison’s personal mission is to help you enjoy the process of exercising. It is so more easier to smash your goal when you love the process.


Harrison balances his client’s goals with his ability to help clients with body recomposition through muscle gain, cutting fat and improving posture with a strong focus on training for mental health benefits. Harrison sees exercise as a way to break cycles of everyday stress and mental health issues.


Having pivoted from a career in the legal industry, Harrison is aware of how taxing sedentary jobs can be on your body and mind and aims to address these issues for his clients through corrective training. Harrison’s knowledge and experience span nutrition, hypertrophy training, strength training, conventional resistance training and calisthenics for fat loss and muscle gain.


Outside of fitness, Harrison’s two other passions in life are travel and motorcycles. He is also a very average avid surfer in his spare time.


Hypertrophy Training (Muscle Gain)

Fat Loss

Body Recomposition

Nutrition for Body Recomposition (Fat Loss & Muscle Gain)


Improving Posture

Improving Mental Health through exercise


Cert III & IV in Fitness with Fitness Playground Academy

Nutrition Coach with Clean Health Fitness Institute

First Aid + CPR

BA Laws, BA Business with UTS

Training philosophy

Exercise should be something we look forward to. If we learn to enjoy the process of exercising, achieving our goals becomes much easier. Movement is medicine – if I could create a pill that contains the benefits of regular physical activity and training, every single person would be buying and consuming that pill. Unfortunately, modern medicine hasn’t advanced to that stage yet, so let’s go with exercise.

Fun facts

  1. I have visited over 40 countries.
  1. I starred as an extra in the movie Happy Feet (I know, it’s a cartoon – but they used real humans in the zoo dance scene!).
  1. I have “omphalophobia”, a fear of seeing belly buttons being touched.

Sounds of Harrison



Little Wing
Jimmy Hendrix


Zero 7


Ferry Corsten

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Our trainers change lives

Google reviews
My progress has been off the charts! Working with Harrison has helped me master some really cool bodyweight & calisthenics movements, and I’ve put on a significant amount of muscle mass doing so. Harrison takes a holistic approach to training me: physical, mental and spiritual. He keeps each session lighthearted and jokes around, which makes them fun yet effective. Also super important for me is that he checks in with me multiple times a week to make sure I’m sticking to my diet!
I originally came to Harrison to improve my strength and fitness but also to bring stability to my mental and emotional health. I had low levels of energy and wanted to improve this. Harrison listens to my exact goals and tailors effective yet enjoyable sessions for me. I’m always entertained during our sessions – they’re always different and challenging, but never overwhelming. He pays close attention to my form and technique, which gives me the confidence to push myself physically. Harrison is always encouraging and supportive, and I have a lot of fun getting fit with him. I am now motivated and excited to attend every session, which has facilitated a habit of regular exercise (something I have been trying to work on for years now). I feel empowered and energised to manage a high-performance job and more confident than ever.
Harrison has a depth of knowledge and is particular about technique, which is very important to me. He’s helped me significantly improve some issues with my posture (kyphosis and lordosis), which have affected me my whole life. He’s also helped me smash my fat-loss and muscle-gain goals, which I’m extremely happy about. Can’t recommend him enough!

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