If you always take the easy road, you will miss many opportunities to grow. The discomfort of growth is always better than the illusion of safety.

Ngoc Tran

About Ngoc

Coming from a background of undereating, overtraining, binge eating and amenorrhea. Ngoc’s focus is to help people who have been in a similar situation as herself.   Ngoc understands it can be overwhelming when you think you’re giving your body the right foods and not seeing results. Speaking from her experience, an overly restrictive diet, sets you up for failure in the long term.   After learning that eliminating the labels of “good” and “bad” foods and creating a balance (80:20 principle) is what will eventuate in success around dieting, her primary focus is to educate and develop her client’s knowledge around the ability to eat with flexibility and no restrictions, achieving results and helping clients create a great relationship with food.



Nutrition for Body Recomposition (lose fat & build muscle)

Weight Loss

Reverse Diet


Accredited Sports Nutritionist

Cert III & IV

Diploma in Business

Training philosophy

If you want to achieve a goal, you need to enjoy the process; it shouldn’t feel like a chore. I’m not someone who believes in quick fixes. If you want to achieve a goal, you need to be disciplined, be adherent, and put in the hard work to get there. You can either have results or excuses. Take your pick!

Fun facts

  1. Once I set my mind to something, you can’t change it
  1. I’ve been allergic to eggs my whole life, but I still consume baked goods that contain eggs and deal with an itchy throat
  1. I’m actually quite blind. Do I have glasses? Yes. Do I wear them? Not enough. So if you see me on the gym floor and you’re on the other side of the room waving at me, and I’m giving you a funny look, there’s a 99.9% chance I cannot see you.

Sounds of Ngoc

A New Day
Phuture Noize
Hunter and the Prey
Headhunters, Sian Evans
Show It
Chris Brown

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Our trainers change lives

Google reviews
My first session with Ngoc was a really nice experience! She helped me with my form throughout all exercises and, has consistently checked in on me and been super motivating since then. This effort and motivation is something I’ve never had with a PT before.
Aisling D
Ngoc considered all of my needs and made sure we focused on my goals from session one. She pushed me in the best ways and tailored everything to ensure I was comfortable. Ngoc also personalised my nutrition to include all my favourite things so I can eat all the foods I love. She has given me great insight into eating well and fueling my body correctly!
Sophie J
Ngoc is an absolute angel! From our very first phone call, I knew I was in good hands. She creates a supportive environment where you can be 100% open and honest about your health goals. She listens with intent and care and is very realistic in her approach to nutrition. She ensures you can still have the treats and your favourite foods and achieve your goals! I’d recommend Ngoc to anyone looking for a holistic lifestyle transformation.
Jessica H

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