You’re so busy doubting yourself while so many others are intimidated by your potential. Olya Barnett

Ian Godfrey

About Ian

Ian is an experienced Health Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and fitness industry. Ian is skilled in nutrition, body recomposition, personal training, weight and strength management. Ian is also a healthcare professional certified in evidence-based nutrition, with a detailed approach to client assessment, tracking and habit programming.


Nutritional Practise and Application

Supplementation Specialist

Body Recomposition and Assessment Practitioner

Corrective Exercise

Weight Loss

Hypertrophy Training

Functional and Primal Patterns

Habit Integration


MNU Certified Nutritionist

Cert IV in Fitness

Cert III in Fitness

Training philosophy

My philosophy is that exercise is a natural process and shouldn’t be a chore. Your body is built for a functional and active lifestyle – a sedentary state is not normal.   To achieve the best version of yourself, education is needed to help my clients understand the basics and to provide them with the best practice to make the right choices. Health is not a six-week shred; it is a balanced lifestyle.   Life and training are about balance, balance exercise, nutrition, sleep and mind, and you can’t go wrong if one fails; they all fail. Life is for living, not to simply exist.

Fun facts

  1. I played a male lead role in a music video called ‘Getaway’ written by Gavin Mac and produced by Jay Seeney.
  1. In less than one year, I met my partner, sold my house, my car, closed down my business and travelled from the UK to Australia in 2022 to start a new life. Covid taught me to grab opportunities and not to let them pass by.
  1. I’m a self profound specialist in protein pancakes. Master of the fake-aways, unfortunately not the universe. I also have a niche for collecting the perfect dessert spoons (you can’t deny that you need a solid spoon to enjoy an epic dessert).

Sounds of Ian

Ekae & Krma
Lunatic VIP
Soner Karaca
Save a Kiss (PS1 Remix)
Jessie ware
Hide & Seek
Nightlapse & Raphaela

Our trainers change lives

Google reviews
I met Ian in the early stages of my journey to my first bodybuilding competition. I tried multiple personal trainers and coaches, and none compared to Ian. They all used a "cookie cutter" approach to training and nutrition. Ian understood my needs. I learnt so much from him throughout the process, from nutritional, physical and mental health. Ian taught me to understand my body better, and I felt so much better than I had for years. I always felt comfortable, and he was very professional. I came 3rd in my competition and am happy I could trophy Ians work with me throughout the process. I cannot say enough about how good Ian is at what he does. I have never met anyone more passionate about their work and making fitness a lifestyle choice that anyone can fulfil regardless of background or circumstances.
Hannah Dixon
I wholeheartedly recommend training with Ian. He tailors your dietary needs and educates you about fuelling your body to achieve your goals. He is always striving to find the most accurate information and research. I hated the gym before training with Ian, but he always motivated me and made our sessions fun. Nothing was ever mundane, and he got the best out of me. He also helped me recover from an Achilles tendon injury. He worked hard to ensure I could return to doing the things I loved outside of the gym. Now I use his training plan to keep moving as I am now 62 and am sailing around the United Kingdom. He is an exceptional person and genuinely a nice guy, so you get a friend and a coach when you train with him.
Lorraine Barlow
Ian has been my personal trainer and mentor for over ten years. Throughout our time together, Ian has changed how I train and my overall lifestyle. He understands tailoring exercise and diet to suit your goals. He is not a cookie-cutter coach and easily adapts his sessions and diet plans to suit your changing needs while ensuring he is also maintaining your mental health. I have seen him mentor and train other individuals. It is a loss for people like me that he has moved. However, he is always available to give pointers and continues to motivate his clients. I can’t recommend Ian enough as a coach and mentor.
Kudzie Shoniwa

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