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We’re always growing and developing, and we’re excited about what’s to come. We need Great Humans to come on the ride with us. The main reason our Bunker and Fitness Playground gyms have high staff and member retention and satisfaction rates is that we put people first. We put a huge emphasis on staff learning, development and progression, which leads to success for both our staff and members. If you want to find out why we continuously receive employer of choice awards, get in touch.

4 reasons we win best workplace awards

Great humans

We recruit great humans and turn them into great personal trainers. It’s not just about a candidate’s qualifications and experience – it’s about their personality, work ethic and culture fit.


We are committed to staff progression. Having well-educated, successful employees leads to gym members who achieve results. That’s why we provide 200+ hrs of education to staff each year.


Each staff member has their own “Career Pathway”. The individual determines what progression means to them, and how quickly they want to progress through different levels.

When it comes to valuing our people, we don’t just give lip service – we put our people first by showing them we care, and rewarding them when they excel.

There’s a variety of roles at The Bunker

Relationship team

Our relationship team members play important roles in providing our members with the excellent experiences we pride ourselves on delivering.

Personal trainer

Exercise is like medicine, so we see PTs as operating at the forefront of preventative healthcare, helping people lead healthier, happier lives.

Fitness instructor

Our Group fitness instructors lead unique small-group classes on the gym floor. Our Bunker classes are outcome-focused to help members achieve real results.


From club management to roles across education, people, marketing, finance, IT, there’s work across a range of departments for Great Humans.

Powered by our people

The Bunker pushes the boundaries of what people expect from the gym experience. But this mission only stands through its people. We pride ourselves on finding the right people who provide exceptional coaching, who possess the right technical training, and who exceed expectations in their service every day.

It’s reasons like this that we were awarded Best Gym in Sydney by Men’s Health. The people of The Bunker are chosen to empower our members at every stage of their health and fitness journeys. We train you, so they trust you.

Do what you love, like our staff do

Google reviews
I have worked in the fitness industry for the past 20 years, but I have never worked with a group of people who truly care about improving people’s lives as much as this group does.
Ibby Ellissi
Club Manager
I tried this gym for the first time and I am impressed! The staff are so lovely and helpful and the gym is amazing! There are a variety of machines and weights and the gym is super clean and organised. The other members are so welcoming and friendly too! Such a great place to train!
Tom Bellak
Personal Trainer
I can actually say I’m where I always wanted to be. I love working at The Bunker and being part of this great community. When I work with my clients, I want them to focus on the journey, not just the results.
Jennia Klimenkova
Personal Trainer
As a kid, I thought only professional athletes could get paid to do what they love, turns out I was wrong. In 2017 I started as a Group Fitness Instructor, in 2018 I ventured into personal training and in 2020 I was promoted to Group Fitness Manager. As for the future, I see myself becoming a Head Coach for the Fitness Playground Academy, where I can inspire the next generation of coaches.
Joey Bowling
Group Fitness Manager
I learnt more working in my first three weeks at this company than I did previously in 10 years in the fitness industry.
Matt Gardner
Personal Trainer
I’d had a few stagnant months in my old marketing job, lost inspiration and wanted to be involved in an industry I was passionate about. After seeing how happy the trainers and sales guys were at The Bunker when I trained there every day, I was curious to know what career options there were. Now I get to work with them and I love it.
Sam Wonnacott
Marketing Manager

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